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Become a Foster!

As an all-volunteer organization, operating on a shoestring budget, WaGG doesn’t have a shelter. Instead, we rely on a network of foster homes to keep cats from being euthanized in city shelters. Foster parents are an integral part of animal rescue—we pull and vet the cat, and then our foster parents house them until we can find them a permanent home. Some cats need a little help with socialization, others need a safe place to heal. Most just need a temporary landing pad while we search for their forever home.

Whiskers-A-GoGo Brooke Jacobs Kitten

Why should you foster?

Fostering means all of the cuddles, none of the commitment!

1. Fostering is a great way to find out if you want to become a permanent pet owner. (Warning: You may fall in love with your foster cat!)


2. If you have children, fostering will expose them to the joy that comes from helping their community and taking care of animals.


3. Fostering saves lives. Being able to place a cat in a foster home literally keeps more animals alive.


4. You will have support from our volunteers, who are ready to answer any questions that might come up!

Interested in fostering?

Email us for more information about fostering. To get a head start, you can fill out our Foster Application.

What does a foster do?

The most important responsibilities of being a foster for WaGG include:


1. Caring for your foster cat or kitten to the best of your ability.


2. Providing all food, litter, treats, etc. for your foster cat or kitten.


3. Sending photos and writing a bio for your foster so we can advertise them for adoption.


4. Working with WaGG to introduce your foster to interested adopters via home visits or video chat.


5. Maintaining communication about your foster cat's health, and only taking them to the vet when a Whiskers-A-GoGo representative has arranged an appointment for you.


6. Click here to read about socializing under-socialized kittens 

Whiskers-A-GoGo Brooke Jacobs Kitten
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