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What is the WAGG adoption process?

There are two ways to meet our adoptable pets.  They can be seen at adoption events or in their foster homes. Because the homes are usually private residences, we request that you complete and submit our adoption application before a visit. Once you have met the cat and determined that you want to proceed with the adoption we arrange for a convenient time to bring the cat over.  When we deliver the cat we do a brief home visit, sign the adoption agreement and collect the adoption fees. To ensure that your home is ready for your new kitty here are some instructions and suggestions we collected for you. Click here for more details about the WaGG adoption process and policies.

What is the adoption time frame?

There are a variety of factors in determining the time frame of the adoption process.  We make every effort to deliver the cat(s) as quickly as possible.  Depending on everyone’s schedule and availability the adoption can be completed within 24 hours but it often takes longer.

What are the costs associated with adoption?

Adoption fees are $150 per cat. With the adoption fee you get all medical paper work associated with the cat as well as a copy of any previous shelter documentation. The adoption fee is non refundable and goes toward the cost food and supplies as well as possible medical treatments associated with saving another cat homeless cat.

What medical treatments will my cat/kitten have?

Depending on the age of the kitten when s/he is adopted and when s/he became part of our rescue, your kitten should have had an exam, been tested for FeLV/FIV, microchipped and vaccinated with at least one FVRCP.  Kittens should have a series of FVRCP vaccines (two to three depending on their age when first vaccinated).  Kittens should be vaccinated against rabies as early as four months.

Can I adopt a single kitten? How young can I adopt?

We do not adopt out young kittens as singles. They must either go to a home with another cat or as part of a pair.  We believe in most cases that it is better for the kittens to have companionship when they are younger.  There are a few organizations that do still adopt kittens as singles and if you are determined to only adopt a single kitten then you should contact those organizations directly (ASPCA, ACC, and Sean Casey).
We also do not adopt our kittens out until about 11-12 weeks as we believe the extra time is important for socialization and ensuring good litter box and behavior habits.

What should I do if I can no longer care for the cat I adopted?

If you can no longer care for a cat you have adopted from WAGG we ask that you please return the cat to us. We will attempt to find a new home or foster the cat. As a reminder, the pet adoption fee is non refundable. 


If you have additional questions which were not answered above, please email us with your question.

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